Anniko Films is a film studio that carries out the full production cycle. Together with you, we can go through the entire process, from the development of ideas and control of organizational aspects, through to the finding of investors, from the organization and coordination of the production process to the release of the film in cinemas and on other platforms.
What we offer:
  • Development of turn-key» projects
    We have all the tools necessary to bring your story to life as a film. You provide the idea, we work with you to develop that idea, to carry out the prep work, to shoot the film, to complete it in post-production, and to distribute the finished work.
  • Organization and support of shoots in Russia, Armenia and Europe
    We have already been working in this sphere for 15 years and we are ready to take on projects of any level of complexity.

    Our range of services includes:
    • calculation of budgets for projects;
    • casting;
    • scouting locations;
    • assembly of film crews;
    • rental of film equipment;
    • receipt of permits;
    • consultation.
  • Co-productions and financing
    We know where to find the resources and where to get aid in the creation of your film. We have successfully carried out projects with partners from France, Italy, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic. Our experience allows us to create the best financing scheme and production setup for your project.

    In concrete terms, that means:
    • development of a strategy for launching the project on the European market;
    • drawing up of accompanying documents for funds;
    • presentation of the project on the European market;
    • drawing up of a financial plan;
    • selection of partners, carrying out of negotiations;
    • sourcing and supply of all legal services required.
  • Support in the receiving of grants in Russia and Europe
    We provide consultations, help to work out the nuances in applications and prepare the documents for applications to the Russian Culture Ministry and beyond.

    These services include:
    • consultation in the preparation of documents;
    • creation of the package of documents required;
    • budgeting;
    • legal support.
  • Film screenings and film distribution
    We explain how novice filmmakers can find their place in the film market. We help you open your own cinema. We share the experience built up by our team of professional film bookers over the course of 15 years.

    We offer:
    • release in cinemas from scratch;
    • forming of a cinema repertoire (programming).
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